Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Turf Care Facility Construction Update 3/5/2014


      Jimmie Austin Golf Club at the University of Oklahoma broke ground on the construction of a state -of-the-art golf course Turf Care Facility in September 2013. This facility, when completed, will be an approximate 2-Acre facility with (4) building structures, (2) of which are completely enclosed. We will have an ESD Waste-2-Water recycled wash system, fuel tracking software, chemical mix/load stations with spill containment, 50 ton capacity sand storage silo, bulk material storage bins, recessed slab with a parking curb for roll-away dumpsters, recycling station, greenhouse and much more. 

      Building (A) will be the main core building. It will house offices, meeting/safe room, utility vehicles, irrigation, tool & parts storage, equipment maintenance operations, employee lounge, locker rooms, laundry room, etc.

       Building (B) will be a three-sided storage building. It will be the main storage for our large mowers, tractors, topdressors, sweepers, etc.

       Building (C) will be the storage for chemical and fertilizer storage. It will also have (3) separate bays for our chemical application equipment. These bays will have a spill containment system in the floor and will have an overhead water supply to fill up the spray tanks. These bays will serve as our mix/load stations when conducting applications to the golf course. 

      Building (D) will be an open-sided structure. It will provide overhead cover for the ESD Waste-2-Water recycle wash system, as well as, fuel tanks and fuel pumping control system. The fuel pump system will come with software that will allow me to give each piece of equipment its own unique ID. By doing this, it will allow me to track our fuel consumption precisely for each piece of equipment, as well as, eliminate accidental fill-ups with the incorrect fuel type. 

      We will also will be breaking ground soon on a new turf nursery that will serve as a training center. This Turf Training Nursery will be constructed similar to a Short Game Practice area with (2) greens (A1-A4 Bentgrass & G2 Bentgrass), (2) bunkers and approximately 0.25 acres of closely mowed turfgrass area (Zoysiagrass, Bermudagrass). We will have the ability to train new employees on daily golf assignments, fine-tune equipment or conducting field trials for local educational institutions, chemical and/or equipment vendors.

      We are very excited about this new facility and the impact it will make from an environmental stewardship aspect. Are goal with this facility is for it to be as environmentally sensitive and responsible while still being a fully functioning Turf Care Facility. 

As always any questions, comments or concerns are always welcome.

We'll see you out there!