Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Time is BUSY TIME!

      Winter time is upon us and in full force. Temperatures have been extremely cold and working days on the golf course have been far and few between. Many people ask "What do you all do during this seasonal downtime to stay busy and productive?" All though there aren't a lot of outside jobs to do during this time of the year, there are a number of things that can be accomplished that are important to the golf course and that contribute to the aesthetics of the golf course. Many of these small projects include: re-staining the wood on the benches and water cooler stands, re-painting the trash cans and ball washers, fixing and/or touching up aged or broken bunker rakes, etc.

      Another important project that can be done during the down-time of winter, is equipment maintenance and repairs. This is a time for our Equipment Manager to tune-up all of our maintenance equipment, grind reels and bed-knives on mowers, and go over our fleet of maintenance equipment and vehicles with a fine-tooth comb and report what equipment is in fine, working order and what equipment is on it's last leg and in desperate need of repair or replacement.

      We have initiated an Equipment Purchase Plan and have been fortunate to buy and trade-in equipment as needed over the past 5 years. We hope to maintain this type of plan and continue to purchase equipment as individual pieces "life-span" expire. This way equipment expenditures will be less as years go on because of the "older" equipment still having a decent trade-in value.

      One particular piece of equipment we had that was older and had no real trade-in value was a Buffalo Turbine Blower. It was a Model KB2 Turbine Blower. This type of blower was a hard-wired remote control system and a 23 HP motor. The motor had seized up, and,  therefore that blower had no trade-in value. A new Buffalo Turbine Blower Model KB4 with a wireless remote control system and a 27 HP motor is about $7,500. I read a blog entry, written by Stephen Tucker, where he had a Model KB2 that he stripped down to the frame and replaced all of the old parts and old motor with new parts and a new, larger motor and turned it into a KB4 model. All of this was done for about $3,100 (a savings of $4,400!!!)

      This is just an example of some of the types of projects that we have been working on during this winter, and we have many more like this to continue working on. We have started counting down the days until the 2014 growing season begins, and, all of our focus returns to maintaining the golf course to exceptional standards that our patrons deserve and have come to expect.

As always any questions, comments or feedback is always appreciated.

We'll see you out there!

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