Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sweet Summer Rain

      There is NOTHING better for keeping bentgrass greens alive and healthy, than getting decent rainfall and cooler temperatures in July! We have been so fortunate this year, compared to summer of 2011 & 2012, to get above normal rainfall and less extreme heat during the summer of 2013.

      Severe drought on turfgrass, trees and shrubs have been extremely evident over the past 2 years and it takes large quantities of rainfall to eliminate drought conditions. The 2011 rainfall total for Norman, OK was 27.88 inches (9.5 inches below average) and 2012 rainfall total for Norman, OK was 22.37 inches (15.02 inches below average). That put Norman, OK 24.52 inches below it's average rainfall totals entering 2013. However, since Jan 1st, 2013, we have received 29.41 inches of rain in Norman, OK to date. That is 8.72 inches above average rainfall for the same amount of time. This has helped in lifting Norman, OK out of it's current drought situation.

      The onset of drought has allowed us to see the major flaws of our irrigation system, and, has allowed us to make additions, adjustments and repairs to it's functionality and it's efficiency. Our current irrigation system has been in operation since 1995, when the last large-scale golf course renovation occurred. Since that time, there have been many small-scale golf course improvements and additions over the years. By adding and/or removing irrigated areas, we have changed from the original design of the irrigation system and it's functionality and efficiency are no longer what they were before. When we have normal rainfall events throughout a given year, those fallacies in the system are not as evident. However, when there is a drought situation and having to rely heavily on an irrigation system to keep the moisture levels of the golf course to acceptable levels for plant health. It is then, that those fallacies become obvious. That is why have joined forces with EC Design Group to build an Irrigation Master Plan to go along with our Facility Master Plan that was put together by Tripp Davis & Associates Golf Architecture. Now, as our facility continues to develop according to the Facility Master Plan, so too will our irrigation system along with our Irrigation Master Plan.

    As stated before, there is nothing that can replace the plant health benefits of rainfall. But, a well designed and efficient irrigation system can help supplement the golf course during the time periods between rain events.

As always any questions, comments or concerns is always appreciated.

We'll see you out there!