Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tee Renovation Update - 8-22-2012

    We are in full swing of the tee renovation project and they are really starting to take form!
    To date, 40 tee boxes are completed and open for play, 17 tee boxes are in the process of completion and will be opening up within the next few weeks and 22 tee boxes remain to be completed in the upcoming weeks.

    We have only had one weather delay since we have broken ground on this project and things have been moving along quite well with little interference or disturbance. We still have some concrete cartpath work to do on a handful of the tee complexes, but, this scope of the work will be performed at the very end of the project while the golf course is shut down for Over-Seeding and Fall Aerification.

Some of the first tee boxes that were renovated have grown in nicely and we have put them on a strong fertilization program to promote shoot growth and root system establishment. I would like all of the new turf to have established a strong root system in preparation for winter. By accomplishing this, the plant will come out of dormancy next spring and we can continue to groom it and perform the chemical and cultural practices necessary to provide exceptional conditions for the patrons of Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club.

As always, any questions, comments or feedback is always appreciated.

We'll see you out there!