Monday, June 18, 2012

Tee Renovation

    We are very happy to announce that we will soon be breaking ground on our Tee Renovation project. Below is a brief summary as to why the tees should be renovated, as well as,  reasons that the Tee Renovation will help us to improve our golf course in regards to long-term planning.

    All of the tees throughout the golf course at Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club  are un-level and need to be resurfaced. The top of the tee profile is straight sand that does not allow the tees to hold moisture. Therefore, there are many tees that are thin and many that are without turf in certain spots. There are several tees on the course that fall off to one side or another and some have no definition. Most sit in the landscape well and offer varying angles for players and wide enough tee surface for the amount of wear they receive. There are, however, some holes that have tees that are not adequately sized.

    Life span as it relates to tees goes to the ability of the tee to support the best turf surface and provide a level playing surface. To achieve the highest quality teeing surfaces, both with turf quality and "flatness", requires a sand-based mix (with some water-holding capacity) as the growing medium of the tee, with subsurface drainage, to help with the overall health and density of the turf through free movement of the root system and to allow a relative "flat" surface to drain well enough (through the mix and into drainage pipe) to allow for flexibility in moisture management of the turf. Much like greens, the sand based mix will gain organic matter through root decay and thatch accumulation over time which reduces the flexibility in the management of moisture. A tee box that is "level" by modern perceptions means less than 1.25% of constant slope, which is barely enough to provide a minor amount of surface drainage. Over time, traffic from maintenance machinery, traffic from players walking on the tee, and the taking of divots on a tee, will deteriorate the flatness of the tee, which can result in less level stances and lies, as well as, creating water holding pockets on the surface of the tee, which is a reason subsurface drainage in modern tee construction is so important. Different from when a green substructure gets "too old" to function properly, the substructure of a tee will typically outlast the "levelness" of the surface and turf quality. While a 6" deep sand mix substructure should last at least 25 years, the surface of the tee may have to be "re-leveled" once every 5-7 years, while the turf can sometimes require some re-sodding every year, depending on the size of the tee and the type of turf.

   By renovating the tees, we will be able to provide adequate area for traffic and a level teeing ground. the changes to the substructure will allow us to have more control over the growing environment in regards to moisture management. This will create a more uniform and dense turf that will be more aesthetically pleasing and more playable. We have decided to use Zeon Zoysiagrass for the Tee turf type. Zeon Zoysaigrass is a fine textured grass that can handle full sun and is extremely shade-tolerant. It is compatible with a wide-range of soil conditions, good drought tolerance and very few insect or disease problems. It is deep-green in color and all though it does not create an excessive thatch layer, it is a very thick and lush turf canopy.

    We will be splitting the renovation project up into 3 phases of work. The first phase will be re-leveling and re-surfacing the tees that are not being re-built at this time. These tees will eventually move to different locations in regards to the Master Plan. The second phase will be the tees that will have the substructure renovated as well as re-leveling and re-surfacing. The third and final phase will be the remaining tees that will require the most amount of construction. We are hoping to have all renovation construction completed within the next 90-100 days (weather permitting).

   We are very excited to begin this project and look forward to the improvements that Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club has and continues to make. We are very thankful of the continued support from our players and members in helping us achieve these improvements.

    As always, any questions, comments or feedback is always appreciated.

We'll see you out there!