Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 2012 - Vertical Mowing and DryJect Aerification

Once again, it is that time of year to perform some of our routine cultural and agronomic practices to the bentgrass putting greens. As research has shown, proper cultural practices utilized on putting greens is a major contributing factor to the overall health and longevity of bentgrass putting greens, as well as, a main factor in providing exceptional playing conditions during times of extreme heat and stress. We will be vertical mowing or "verticutting" the putting surfaces at the height of cut "HOC" two directions at a 45 degree angle of the previous pass. This will allow us to remove some of the built-up organic material that has accumulated around the base of the plant and open up channels in the canopy to replace with a topdressing sand in place of the organic accumulations (i.e. thatch).

After we have finished the vertical mowing, we will begin an aerification process known as a DryJect.  Here is a brief summary of the DryJect aerification and how it works:

How It Works

Three Step Process Diagram

Traditional core aeration is time consuming and requires several steps to return turf to a playable surface. DryJect is a revolutionary service which, when added to your maintenance program, can reduce the need for core aerification and greatly amplify the benefits of sand amendments by distributing them into the ground more completely.
DryJect’s high-pressure, water-based injection system blasts aeration holes through the root zone to fracture the soil, while it’s patented vacuum technology simultaneously fills holes with amendment. Relieve compaction, increase water filtration, reach the root zone with oxygen and amend your soil all at the same time, leaving the surface smooth and playable.
There will be very minimal disruption to the condition of the greens, and with the earlier-then-normal warm weather conditions that we are experiencing, we should have about 90%-95% fill-in of the aerifiaction holes within the next 2-3 weeks. We at the Turf Care Facility appreciate your patience and understanding of these vital cultural practices that MUST be performed regularly to maintain the conditions that the members and patrons of The Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club expect and deserve.

As always any questions, comments or feedback is always appreciated.
We'll see you out there!