Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Projects at Jimmie Austin

     It is finally starting to look and feel like winter in Oklahoma! It is around this time when the bermudagrass goes dormant and the bentgrass greens and the ryegrass over-seed  growth tends to slow down to almost nothing. The amount of mowing on these areas are then done only on an as-needed basis and typically we will start rolling greens rather than mow them. There might be time periods when we do not  mow or roll, thus giving the greens a much needed break from any type of mechanical preparation.These types of decisions will be based on the amount of growth that has occurred in the plant. This concept goes along with the ryegrass, as the growth in the over-seeded areas has slowed down tremendously due to the cooler weather and shorter hours of daylight. We will only mow these areas on an as-needed basis as well.

     It is during these times of the year, when normal golf course maintenance slows down to a bare minimum, that we will begin working on other projects that we have identified  and deemed necessary throughout the year. Since these projects can be time consuming, we will try and utilize the winter months so  that we are able to spend the amount of time necessary to complete them without having to neglect the routine maintenance of the golf course.

      Some of the projects that we will be working on and hoping to complete before next spring include: green side bunker restoration/renovation, irrigation additions and adjustments, landscaping improvements and additions, tree trimming and removals as well as tree planting, and various other smaller scale projects.

 We continually strive to improve the conditions and the atmosphere that the players of Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club will experience when they visit our course. It is the small details that we try and improve upon that make for a great golfing experience. By identifying and completing projects, like we have done in the past and continue to do, we have been able to make Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club one of the most popular and enjoyable golf clubs in Oklahoma. We hope to keep this reputation and continue to make Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club better in the future.

As always, any questions, comments or feedback is always appreciated.

We'll see you out there!