Friday, September 23, 2011

Now, If that doesn't get your attention.....


     It has been a little over 10 days since we put out our Perennial Ryegrass seed mixture onto the course, and with some much needed rain and properly scheduled irrigation cycles, we have had successful germination in all of the areas that we had Overseeded!

     Now that the seed has germinated, we will spend the next couple of weeks nurturing the young seedlings by continuing the irrigation cycles and applying a 10-20-20 starter fertilizer to provide crucial nutrients for plant growth and development. During this time of continued maintenance and care of the young seedlings, we will restrict all carts to the cart paths until the plants mature a little more. By doing this, we will ensure that the plants have the best opportunity for maturity and establishment.
 (NOTE: we will not be irrigating as frequently, but, we will start applying longer cycles to saturate deeper down into the soil to promote deeper rooting of the young seedlings)

     We will continue to mow as needed for the next couple of weeks until seedlings mature, and then we will start mowing all of these areas on a routine and scheduled basis. But, as the pictures show, there is nothing quite as aesthetically pleasing as brightly and perfectly striped Fairways!!

As always any questions, comments or feedback is always appreciated.

We'll see you out there!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Overseeding & Aerification


    We are in the full swing of our Fall Overseeding & Aerification project. We have the luxury of having the course closed for play from Sept. 12 thru Sept. 20 to perform these projects. Both projects will involve many steps, long days and fully staffed crews to get everything accomplished in the allotted days that the course will be closed.

    The biggest contributing factor to the successful completion of both projects is careful planning, good communication and thorough understanding of the tasks that are to be performed by our Turf Care Facility staff and a step-by-step process that works like a well-oiled machine!
    We at the Turf Care Facility have performed many successful aerifications in the past and have created an efficient method of performing this vital agronomic practice. I have explained our multi-step process in previous blog entries and our Fall process does not vary much from that of the Spring process. The only difference in this process will be the aerification tine sizing and spacings. We will be using a 3/8in tine on 1in centers and 2.5in spacings. This will be smaller holes than the Spring process but more holes on tighter spacings. This allows a sizable amount of material to be removed. But, because of the smaller diameter aerfication holes, and allows for faster fill-in and recovery of the greens.


    This will be the 3rd year that The Jimmie will be Overseeding. But, unlike previous years, we will be Overseeding ALL Fairways, Tees as well as Collars and Approaches! We will also be Overseeding the OU Team Practice Facility at the south end of the Driving Range, the Short Game Practice Facility and The Everest Pavilion Lawn.

    Total amount to be Overseeded will be 35 Acres!

    The Overseed process actually started August 9th, 2011. We applied a Pre-Emergent Herbicide to all areas that were to be Overseeded to stop any Fall weeds from germinating. This will help the Overseed, by not having any noxious weed populations competing for water and nutrients while we are germinating the Overseed.

    On September 8th, we applied a PGR (Plant Growth Regulator) called Primo MAXX. This will slow down the growth of the Bermudagrass areas that are to be Overseeded. This will allow the Overseed a time period in which it will not be in competition with actively, and aggressively growing Bermudagrass during the germination period of the Overseed.

    The Overseeding process began on September 12th and will most likely be finished up September 14th. We are using a blend of Brightstar and Grayfox Perennial Ryegrass that is certified blue-tag, fungicide treated and salt tolerant. It came directly from a grower out of Oregon. After we have the seed down, we will topdress and cap the seed with mason sand in the thinner weaker areas so the seed will not wash away during the irrigation cycles.

    Starting September 15th, we will beginning the irrigation cycles ( 2mins of irrigation per station every 2 hours) until we have achieved complete germination of the seed. Once the seed germinates we will be able to irrigate less frequently and apply more volume of irrigation.

    Approximately September 20th, we will apply a 10-20-20 starter fertilizer to give the young seedlings vital nutrients involved with plant growth and development.

    The first mowing will be approximately 7 to 10 days after germination, and 8 weeks after germination we will apply another Pre-Emergent application to prevent any noxious weed outbreaks in the Overseeded areas.

    We at the Turf Care Facility continually strive for championship caliber conditions at Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club, and by performing a successful Fall aerification and overseed, we will have taken important steps in achieving these conditions.

As always, any questions, comments and feedback is always appreciated.

We'll see you out there!