Thursday, March 10, 2011

Installation of Transplanted Pine Trees

 We have spent the past couple of weeks adding a number of pine trees in selected areas of the course.
A total of (40) 9-10ft. B&B or (Balled and Burlapped) pine trees were installed last week. This week we have been installing some larger trees by a transplanting method requiring a large tree spade.
    These trees will be an immediate impact to the holes on which they have been added. We are currently in the process of a tree master plan in which we will strategically place around 40 to 50 trees per year.
    Our hopes are to remove any dying or dead trees, trees which are in the wrong position for playability reasons, or just a bad species of tree which tends to be more of a hindrance than help.
    In place of these particular removals, we are placing and planting new and better selected trees which will add value to the course in terms of playability and aesthetics.
    And, by doing this in a master plan over a period of time, the trees will develop and mature at different stages and therefore look more natural over the course of time.

As always any questions, comments or concerns are appreciated.

We'll see you out there.